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Access to these tools is restricted:
  • You must be a representative of a Tournament Organization registered with
  • The results of automated (non-manual) searches should not be returned to any end-users (non-staff, usually prospective tournament participants). End-users should not be allowed to execute arbitrary searches.
    • Example: A username search can be automatically triggered when a user signs up. However, the user should not be shown the results of this search.
    • Screenshot results of any automated or manual search can be published as evidence for the public to view.
  • The purpose of executing any username searches is solely limited to either:
    • competitive integrity reasons: investigation of tournament participants for potential account sharing, smurfing, or ban evasion
    • indiscriminate testing purposes: exploring the features of this tool on random users or consenting users without performing any investigation on any accounts
The following is a list of non-exhaustive reasons that are not valid and will result in access termination:
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Doxxing
  • Information Harvesting
  • Attempting to locate lost friends
  • Any other purpose not directly related to Tournament Operations
All queries AND query attempts performed are logged and will include the following information:
  • IP addresses
  • Approximate location
  • Date
  • Time
  • Query keywords
  • Query results
  • Tournament Organization name
By performing any search, you are consenting to the collection and storage of this information in perpetuity. You cannot revoke this consent after performing a search. We will also reserve the right for public users to be able to see if their account was ever a result in any search. We will use the logged information listed above to provide the user with the Date, Time, and Tournament Organization name that queried their information.
: calls remaining

Find all accounts that have ever had a specific username. Each search costs 3 calls from your quota.
  1. For best results, please add the username you are about to search for into the main update queue and wait for the account to be processed. This will "refresh" the most recent username changes for the username in question. Failing to do this step may result in incomplete data being shown if we don't already have the target username's matches in our database.
  2. Type in a current or past username in the text box.
  3. Select the region.
  4. Click search.
  5. Results can take a few minutes to appear, especially if the username was transferred between different accounts within the same region.

When results appear, you may use this link to share the results within your org: Sharing this link does not incur any quota costs, but also will not re-run the search for the lastest data. The link contains the API key (a password) so please use screenshots to share results publicly.
No record of any usernames during this time Region does not match
Username may/may not match
(Indicates region transfer)
Region matches
Username does not match
(Indicates name change)
Region matches
Username matches

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